Dr. Muhammad Riaz - CEO

PhD 1968, Biotechnology University of Wales, UK: 32 years experience in the field of biotechnology( Mitochondrial Enzymes, Metabolism of Branched –chain amino acides(BCAAS), Leucine, Isoleucine, Phenylalanine and Valine associated with gross mental deficiency,Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis(ALS),Schizophrenia, Inborn Genetic Disorders in Children, Maple Syrup Urine Disease,Isolation of branched chain PhenylKetoacid dehydroginases,Development of recombinant rDNA orgin bacterial Biosynthetic Insulin, Single cell Protien Reactor, Continous Yeast Fermentation and Alcohol Production from Biogass) , CEO Vitalee Holistic Healthcare Pakistan, CEO CWG Water Technology Pakistan, Ex Faculty Member , Biotechnology, University of California-Berkeley,Berkeley,California,USA: Faculty Member , Brigham Young University, Uttah,USA: Associate Professor Medical School, University of Mosal, Iraq, Member Syndicate( Proposal referee) National Science Foundation,USA, Ex Consultant : ERDA Energy Research development Administration,USA, RANN Research Applied to National Need, USA: Director Research and Development: Blue Magic Products Inc, Stockton, California,USA

Dr. Nasir Randhawa - Director

Nasir Randhawa is an MBBS doctor from pakistan. Practiced Anesthesia as Senior Anesthetist in 4000 beded teaching hospital (MAYO HOSPITAL). Dr Nasir has also teached for 5 years in King Edward Medical College in the department of Physiology. Above that Dr Nasir also acquires vast experience as General Practitioner in private clinic for more then 10 years and has also been successful in treating about 60000 patients. He then switched over to Holistic and Alternative medicine due to the lack of satisfactory results in main stream medicine. Since then he has been practicing Holistic medicine very successfully with effect from 2001. Meanwhile Dr Nasir also completed 9 certificate courses from the Atkins University (ANA). Dr Nasir Randhawa is also a Member of The American Holistic Medical Association and has done numerous Diplomas in the field of Holistic Medicine, namely: Homeopathy, Ayurvedic, The Electronic Gem Therapy etc.

Afdhash Riaz Chaudary - Director

BSc: Molecular and Cell Biology/Genetic Engineering: University of California-Berkeley, California, USA Research Associate, Corn genetics, Mike Freeling lab, UC Berkeley, Research Associate, Virologic Inc, San Francisco, California, USA Research Associate, Chiron, Berkeley, California, USA Director, Vitalee Holistic Healthcare, Pakistan Director, CWG Water Technology Pakistan

Dr. Jon Whale

About Dr Jon Whale. Phd Jon Whale is an autonomous research development scientist. These days working almost exclusively on medical and psychological application. He is a psychologist, life script analyst, graphologist, electronic design and development, physicist, experienced in a diversity of esoteric and mystical disciplines and an international author, having written and published numerous articles monographs and books. His most famous books are:

1. Catalyst of Power, The Assemblage Point of Man.
2. The Naked Spirit, The Supernatural odyssey.

Dr. Whale has devised a unique system of treating degenerative diseases with electronic gem therapy and re-shifting the assemblage point with transducers to its normal position, without producing any side-effect.

Professor Elena Evtimova

Prof. Elena Evtimova- Phd Section of Physics, Department of language learning Sofia university, 27 Kosta Lulchev. str 1111, Sofia, Bulgaria Professor Dr Zulfiqar Ahmed Gill-PhD DEAN faculty of Agri-Economics and Rural Sociology Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr Zulfiqar Ahmed Gill-PhD from Colorado State University, Fort Collins,USA University of Agriculture, Fasilabad,Pakistan .

Dr. A.J. Khan PhD, Chairman - CEO Vitalee

Dr. Khan is a technology visionary and entrepreneur who enjoys bringing challenging and rewarding business concepts to a commercial realty. Dr. Khan brings 32 years of varied multi-disciplinary experience in research and executive management to the company and has worked with fortune 100 companies in U.S, Japan, Holland, Singapore, and Korea, chartered to optimized business operations and developing interactive relationship for efficiency among various groups. His inspiration and passion in life is to leave behind a better and healthier world than he found it.

His strength and expertise are in ensuring that product cost, development schedules, and performance constraints are optimized in all development activities to meet market windows. During the last 32 years Dr. Khan has worked in product development at CDC, IBM, Digital Equipment Corporation, Micropolis, Acropolis and Cyrsh Technologies.

Dr. S. Gleeson MD, President Vitalee

Dr. Gleeson is a board certified physician and a Diplomat of Internal Medicine, in addition she is also an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at University of California San Diego, School of Medicine and a Clinical Instructor at UCLA, David Geffen School of Medicine. Dr. Gleeson professional philosophy is simple and straight-She believes in providing the highest quality care with respect, honor and integrity.

Dr. Gleeson possesses over a decade of experience in evidence based medicine specializing in diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, pulmonary disease and sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Dr. Gleeson believes that "the best form of medicine is preventative medicine" and that physicians should be role models to their patients with the implementation whenever possible of natural supplements that work before prescribing medication. Dr.Gleeson believes that God has made our bodies in a miraculous way. Our heart pumps blood through our veins, arteries, and capillaries to every cell in our body. Imagine that your body is a country and the cells are its citizens. In order for the country to be strong, its citizens must have various jobs, proper tools to perform those jobs, proper nutrition to stay healthy, a transportation system, a communication system, and a waste disposal system of toxic waste.

At Vitalee Inc, Dr. Gleeson is instrumental making sure that the products are made with the highest quality of ingredients and customers are treated with respect and honor.