When people are asked what they look at first
when they notice an attractive person, several
answers come to mind; some say they notice
how a person walks or what a person is
wearing. Some notice the perfume or cologne
they wear, some take notice of the type of body,
or the color and style of hair.

However a great proportion of people notice the eyes
of a person, for the eyes are often described as the windows to
our soul. When we look at people's eyes, we can often determine
whether people are lying, whether they are angry or whether
they are in love. We often can tell whether people are tired or not
feeling well because the eyes will appear dull or lack the usual
sparkle when people are not in the best of health. The eye is not only the window to our soul; the eye is a map to our body.

Iridology or iris diagnosis as it is often called is a method used in alternative medicine to analyze the health status by studying colors, marks and signs in the iris, pupil, and sclera of the eye.

Have you ever noticed that there often appear clouds or marks in the iris of your eyes and these often change depending on your state of health or age? Have you noticed that your left eye is different than your right eye? If you have, congratulations, as many people believe that their eye color remains the same all of their lives.

After studying thousands and thousands of irises in great detail over many years, I have had the opportunity to notice these changes in the irises, pupils, and sclera of eyes and have come to the conclusion that what is revealed in the eyes, mirrors the state of health of our entire body. That is right, the iris of the eye is actually a map where each place represents a different body organ or system.

How did iridology start?

Iridology dates back hundreds of years, but the first iris map developed was in the early 1800's by a doctor named Ignatz von Pezcely in Hungary. He is known as the father of iridology. In his childhood it is written that he captured an injured owl in his backyard that had a broken leg. He noticed in one of its eyes that there was a black line but when the leg healed, a white mark appeared where the dark mark was. This incident started a life-long interest and study of iridology. Since then, many scientists, doctors, and health professionals around the world have studied iridology. Iridology is taught in countries like America, Australia, Germany, and Russia, where even modern medicine has begun to take notice.

A career in Iridology

Many medical doctors, healers, natural therapists and laypeople have decided for a career in Iridology. Iridologists are in great demand all over the world as patients are increasingly searching for alternative ways to find the causes of their health problems. Modern medicine unfortunately has its limitations and many diagnostic techniques such as blood tests and x-rays are often painful, invasive and carry with them a certain degree of risk. An Iridology examination is an absolutely safe, non-invasive, painless and reliable method of obtaining information about the health status of an individual and one of the few real methods to view all the body organs and systems as a whole and how they interact with each other. In recent years Iridology and natural medicine have shown unbelievable growth as a career option the world over. The potential is fantastic and Iridology in combination with other natural healing methods such as Nutrition, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine or vitamin and mineral therapy is providing an effective solution to the growing rate of chronic health problems.

The Iridology chart is the result of many years and thousands of studies of eyes. Iridologist Frank Navratil BSc. N. D. has carefully designed this Iris Diagnostic map. This beautiful chart is in full color (10 colors), laminated and color coded by major body system. It is available in desk sizes (A3 or A4) a must for anyone studying this field or would just like a clear reference to areas in the Iris of the eye that corresponds to areas of the body.

POSTER - a wall chart (500mm X 700 mm) of 29 fundamental signs found in the iris, pupil, and sclera with an explanation of each on the back side.

ADVANCED SIGNS POSTER - a wall chart (500mm X 700 mm) of 29 advanced signs found in the iris, pupil, and sclera with an explanation of each on the back side.

FLASHCARD SET - a set of 29 flashcards of fundamental iridology signs with explanations on the back side.

ADVANCED FLASHCARDS - a set of 29 flashcards of advanced iridology signs with explanations on the back side.

Iridology is the scientific analysis of patterns and structures in the iris of the eye which locates areas and stages of inflammation throughout the body. The iris is the portion of the eye showing color. It reveals body constitution, inherent strengths and weaknesses, health levels, and transitions that take place in a person's body according to their way of life.


In the 1800's, a young boy, Ignatz Von Peczely, happened to catch an owl in his garden. The boy clearly saw a black line rising in the owl's eye after accidentally breaking its leg during the struggle. He kept the bird until it had regained its health and then observed the appearance of crocked white lines across the black area in the owl's eye. Von Peczely later became a physician and had the opportunity to study the irises of many patients. He grew certain that there existed a reflex relationship between tissue changes in the body and iris markings and developed the first iris chart, which has been continually researched and revised over the years.


The complex iris is composed of hundreds of thousands of nerve endings which are connected by impulses to every tissue of the body through the brain and nervous system. The nerve fibers, or trabecula, respond specifically to tissue and organ conditions with a corresponding physiological reflex manifested in the iris as lesions and color variations. The iris chart, which is the result of many years of clinical observation and intensive research by Dr. Bernard Jensen and others, represents the basic placement of body organs and tissues similar to a map. An accurate iris analysis is possible by superimposing the chart over an iris image projection, allowing detailed observation of the valuable and reliable data recorded there.


A complete iris analysis will show whether a person exhibits a generally good constitution or a poor one, depending upon the density of the iris fibers, The patterns, structures, colors and degrees of lightness and darkness in the iris tell if an area of the body is inherently strong or weak. It also reveals the relative site of over-activity, irritation, injury or degeneration of the tissues and organs. Toxic accumulation levels can he observed as well as nutritional and chemical imbalances.


Iridology will not show or name a specific disease but provides information about the body tissues which indicate tendencies toward conditions of "dis-ease", often before symptoms appear. Iridology will not reveal surgery performed under anesthesia as nerve impulses are discontinued. Iridology cannot locate parasites, gallstones, or germ life, but will indicate the presence of inflammation and toxic conditions which are a refuge for their development. It will not show pregnancy, as that is a normal function of the female body.


Iridology is potentially an integral part of preventive health care. It has the ability to forewarn of approaching difficulties or signs of "dis-ease". Iridology can be a powerful tool, allowing one to determine what is transpiring inside the body from a simple, painless, and economical external vantage point. In effect, iridology will reveal how well your body functions. Improper nutrition and lack of exercise undermines the body's integrity until eventually it becomes unable to reverse damaging toxic conditions through its own natural self-healing mechanisms, becoming susceptible to ailments of a chronic nature. Therefore, nutrition and iridology are inseparable in one's pursuit of a healthy way of life and holistic health care program. iridology helps us understand our weakness so we may strengthen and cleanse our bodies to obtain our maximum health potential. It brings to us an awareness of how to prevent illness, thus allowing us to earn our most precious earthly treasure--vibrant physical, mental and spiritual health!

American doctors usually can't tell you the score until the game's over--until you actually have a namable disease--but iridology lets you walk in at the first inning--and that's why it will probably play a staffing role in preventative medicine at the bioelectric level, which is well on its way to becoming the medicine of the future.