Nahid Siddiqui introduces, for the first time in

Benefits of the course in everyday life:

You become fitter and lose weight
Your senses become sensitive and acute
You clear the clutter from your mind
You become a calmer person

The essence of the session would include:

There is a world inside us which we call the internal world Most of the time we are looking at the external world which doesn't let us balance the two.
Through asanas(postures) we cleanse the nerves, the veins and the chakras.
Through breathing we rotate the electric current in our bodies to churn it every day.
Through 'meditation and silence' we reach the unlimited.

The practical sessions would include

(a) Proper alignment
(b) Directing the energies through asanas
(c) Cleansing the mind by breathing
(d) Learning to develop a needle point focus
(e) Meditation of silence